How would you like to partner with a winning team, with a proven system, applying strategies and tactics that flat out work to finally break free and create the success you deserve?

Welcome to the Business of the Future!

If you’ve been in network marketing in the past, no doubt you’ve faced your share of disappointments. Most people join an MLM company to create wealth and free time, but the sad fact is only a small fraction, some say no more than 1%, actually achieve this level of success.

Why is that?

It’s certainly not the overall industry since the network marketing space generates over $178 billion dollars in sales each year, paying out over $1.5 billion dollars in commissions EACH week!

Well then what is it?

It could be poor work ethic, not understanding the mechanics, not enough demand for the products, but I’ve found that the number one problem people face when building a network marketing organization is that they are not taught how to find and professionally approach their target market.

If you’re ready to stop bugging family and friends and wasting a fortune on useless leads and automated marketing systems that just don’t work long term, and are ready to learn and apply processes that DO work, then we might have something for you!

When you learn the best way to recruit new team members that we teach, plug them into our system and teach them the pattern for success and the model we build to, your network can grow very fast.

On top of that, we have a business school put together by our upline, an industry leader and 8 figure earner, a true heavy hitter, that takes event he newest member by the hand and walks them through everything they need to succeed.

I understood the mechanics of building a network, and I’m sure you do as well.

You must ask enough of the right people to look at your opportunity, then share the information with them, get their questions answered and then get them started correctly.

Traditional recruiting strategies rarely if ever will bring you the success you desire. It is simple if you are taught what to do, but damn near impossible to figure out on your own.

The plain truth is… times have changed.

The internet is not the turnkey panacea everyone hoped it would be. In fact, it fanned the get-rich-quick hype that burned so many people. I know, as I fell for it for a few years as well. The problem is if something can be successfully automated, they really don’t need you, do they?

Yet the root problem still exists, however.

People have a burning desire to create financial freedom!

Very few families can make it on just one paycheck anymore. Between taxes, insurance, housing costs, the price of gasoline, food and college tuition’s, there’s nothing left at the end of a month! In fact there is a report that came out recently about how so many people over 50 are being forced into bankruptcy just when they should be preparing for their golden years!

We can show you a way to eliminate debt and develop financial freedom by following our step-by-step system. But let me warn you: it’s simple, but not easy. If you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme that doesn’t take any effort, this is not it. (Nothing is!)

We offer a real opportunity, and like all real opportunities, it will require you to roll up your sleeves and go to work.

If you are willing to work and have been looking for the right team to partner with, and a proven track to run on, then continue reading; we just might have the solution you’ve been looking for!

Our team is not just here to make money short term.

We are here to build a legacy, something that lasts and can be passed down to your kids and grand kids. I know it sounds like fantasy, and perhaps it is, but being part of a winning team, and then aligning with a world class five-star company (we call a fulfillment center) that shares that vision increases the chances of getting there.

The company we are working with is called Vasayo…

Vasayo was founded just three years ago by Dalin Larsen, who has a proven track record of helping network marketing companies achieve incredible success.

There have been A LOT of MLM companies over the years, tens of thousands for sure, and only a very small handful ever reach a billion dollars in sales.

Dalin has helped create TWO of the companies that achieved that mark. He is also the only network marketing CEO to earn the coveted Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award… the same award given to Jeff Bezos of Amazon and Michael Dell of Dell Computers.

Pretty good company to hang out with, wouldn’t you say?

As the saying goes, success leaves clues, and this is what you want in corporate leadership. If you’ve been involved with a company that didn’t have stellar leaders, you will appreciate this more.

In one of my previous companies the CEO basically ruined the culture in one meeting by literally yelling at a room full of distributors at a corporate event. It was never the same after that, and the company eventually faded away.

If you want to build a legacy, solid, honest, ethical leaders at headquarters are a must!

Another important point about Vasayo is they became debt free after only 18 months and are generating sales of over $100 million dollars a year and growing.

In another one of the companies I was promoting, I was having some nice early success building a growing team, and I was just starting to build a nice check, when the company stopped paying distributors because they ran out of money.

Obviously, it doesn’t take long for that to kill an organization!

This brought home to me personally why working with a debt free company is so critical, and you should be watching for it too!

Of course, you don’t get to Vasayo’s level of sales without having great products, and indeed that is the case. Vasayo is the first nutritional company to leverage the pharmaceutical grade technology called liposomes to deliver nutritional supplements to your body.

This is the same technology used by chemo drugs for the past couple of decades and was developed to greatly improve the absorption of the nutrients.

We have block buster products in over 10 categories ranging from overall nutrition, anti-aging, energy, weight loss, joint health and sleep to name a few, each huge categories on their own, and more being added all the time.

Each product has countless life changing testimonials, but I’ll leave that for another time!

Vasayo is so well positioned they just recently were named one of top 50 healthcare companies in the world, and the only network marketing company to do so! This is an amazing validation of what is happening with Vasayo!

The Vasayo Compensation Plan is a Hybrid Plan Enjoy the Best of Several Plans Blended Together.

We have the simplicity and team building of a binary where you only have to concentrate on and build two legs. Your return on investment on a binary has no comparison; you simply make more money and you make it faster in a binary.

On top of that a “uni-level” is pulled out of the binary, and you earn over ride commissions based on how much your personal enrollment team makes, and it pays up to 7 levels deep with compression. That’s our check match which is the purest form of franchising known to man.

In all there over eight ways to earn with Vasayo, and they pay out a whopping 60-65% on revenue, and you get paid weekly!

What We Offer

What we’re offering you is a chance to join a fast-growing, legitimate company that’s making a difference in people’s lives working with a team that puts real value on you and your success.

  • An early stage company, past the startup phase, with a billion-dollar potential.
  • A unique consumable product family so popular we are one of the top 50 nutritional companies
  • A company that puts people and ethics first
  • A compensation plan that encourages teamwork with UNLIMITED potential, so you never have to worry about money again.
  • A very direct, stress free and affordable way to build a solid and experienced downline
  • A support team ready to personally work with you.

People create systems and systems create wealth

Frank Soucinek

MLM 8 Figure Earner